Intensive Therapy for Couples and Individuals

With Jade Major-Bryan, LMHC

What is Intensive Therapy?

Intensive therapy is an immersive and highly concentrated therapeutic approach designed to address complex issues, promote healing, and foster personal growth in a shorter timeframe than traditional therapy. It involves dedicating an extended period, typically several consecutive days or a week, to intensive therapeutic sessions with a licensed therapist or therapists.

Unlocking Healing and Growth

Life’s challenges often manifest in our relationships, causing emotional turmoil and stress. Whether you’re a couple grappling with communication issues or an individual facing personal hurdles, traditional therapy may not always provide the depth and focus needed for meaningful change. That’s where intensive therapy steps in as a transformative solution.

Intensive Results with Jade Major-Bryan, LMHC

Why Choose Intensive Therapy?

•  Swift Progress: Get results faster with our concentrated approach
•  Personalized Attention: Sessions tailored to your needs
•  Overcome Challenges: Tackle issues like anxiety, depression & trauma
•  Transformation: Experience growth, healing & positive change
•  Flexible Scheduling: Choose a timeframe that suits your schedule

Our Intensive Therapy is suitable for:

•  Couples in Crisis: Reconnect, rebuild & strengthen
•  Individuals: Overcome hurdles & discover your inner strength
•  Spiritual Seekers: Integrate your faith into the healing process
•  Professionals: Get support without disrupting your busy life
•  Life Changers: Navigate life transitions with guidance & support

Intensive Results with Jade Major-Bryan, LMHC

What to Expect in Intensive Therapy:

•  Comprehensive Assessment: identify your challenges and goals
•  Focused Sessions: Dive deep into the issues that matter
•  Holistic Approach: Address mind, body, & spirit for lasting change
•  EMDR Therapy: Helps individuals process & release emotional distress
•  Flexible Options: Choose from various intensive therapy formats
•  Experienced Therapists: Work with our Jade who cares about you

Ready to get started?

Unlocking Healing and Growth

Your journey to healing and growth begins here. Take the first step toward a happier, healthier you. Schedule your Intensive Therapy session today.