Experiential Therapy

With Jade Major-Bryan, LMHC

Discover Healing Through Action

At More Life Living, offer experiential therapy, a dynamic approach that engages clients in hands-on activities to explore and address emotional and psychological challenges. Unlike traditional talk therapy, experiential therapy encourages active participation, allowing individuals to gain insight, process emotions, and develop coping skills in real-time.

Intensive Results with Jade Major-Bryan, LMHC

What is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy is a holistic approach that integrates various techniques and activities to promote self-awareness and personal growth.  Jade’s approach incorporates experiential activities such as:

• Role-playing
• Guided imagery
• Kayaking & Boating
• Hiking & Other Outdoor Activities
• Art & Music therapy
• Music therapy

Our Experiential Therapy is suitable for:

•  Couples in Crisis: Reconnect, rebuild & strengthen
•  Individuals: Overcome hurdles & discover your inner strength
•  Spiritual Seekers: Integrate your faith into the healing process
•  Professionals: Get support without disrupting your busy life
•  Life Changers: Navigate life transitions with guidance & support

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